Wisconsin. A quiet, conservative, upper-Midwestern State. A fly-over state if ever there was one. Rolling fields of corn, peaceful dairy farms, tight-knit communities.

But there is a darkness just below the surface. In the frigid depths of winter, true evil lurks. The kind of evil that twisted the minds of Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer. The kind of evil that consumes the souls of ordinary men. An ancient horror, unnameable in nature and unfathomable in scope is stirring.

The clouds are gathering. Will you run, or will you fight?

WiscosninThulhu is a home-brewed setting for modern horror RPGs. It delves into the ancient evil and unspeakable madness that lurks in the shadows of this largely rural State.

The Players – Intrepid RPG fans who’ve stood up to the encroaching evil

The Characters – PCs that have faced the terror thus far

The Groups – Organizations dedicated to fighting the Darkness…or helping it

The Places – Locations both mundane and unholy

The Campaigns – WisconsinThulhu is a setting. There are several campaigns which take place there.

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